Saturday, April 9, 2011

ombre hair

ombre hair is what seems to be a new trend of basicaly hella long roots. It is pronounced ombray(im not sure where it gets its name) but ive loved this look for a wile so i decided to try it on my short boy hair instead of long girl hair lol ill put pictures soon. its a lot easier than it looks, i could never fathom paying more than maybe 60 dollars at best for this type of colour. its supposed to be messy and free so i think it supposed to be done at home with a few friends while watching gossip girl (or in my case at home alone watching 500 days of summer) i have so many memories of my best friends and hair colour that it makes colouring at the salon a tedious time constrasint. But back to the fun part my hair is slightly faded but after today it will look a million times better so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

beach hair!

Lately ive been obsessed with beachy hair! i havent touched my straightener in maybe 3 weeks and ive been trying so many combinations of different products and creams to get the perfect waves and mess on my head. its a trying task but hey! its worth it my favorite products are aussie catch the wave and i also love salt sprays. ill keep you posted if i find anything ground breaking.

summer scarfs?

when warmer weather comes around you see more legs and feet and less hats and mittens, right? i was creeping last night and saw a huge collection of snoods and scarfs and i fell in love. i honestly feel that this is one trend that can transition through all seasons. Thicker scarfs in the fall, big bulky knitted in the winter, and light airy ones during the warmer months.  Today i wore a gray and white scarf of which ill post a picture later! let me know what you think of winter wear as every day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my hair!

so i figured its time to post about my hair... it has been coloured so many times ive lost track and ivebeen an icy platnum blonde and even jet black. you get the point.currently im ombre which is basically a fancy way of saying i have crazy long roots:) any way i plan on makeing  my every day product posts and things like that but i wanted to say that im addicted to everpure leave in conditioner its amazingly light and makes my hair feel so soft. i love the gel consistancy of it but theres no hold to it so its virtually perfect i promise to put more up much love- ted

Monday, April 4, 2011


     so ive been thinking about things i would die with out and why they mean so much to me.
the first thing is my family. this is includeing my closest friends. Theyve helped me through so much and made me the person i am today. The second thing is my ipod. simply put music is my soul. i thrive because of the music i listen to. The third is my computer. Im always on my laptop looking for fun thiongs to blog about and reading peoples takes on the world. the fourth thing in this world that i need is NYLON magezine. Im addicted. My life is so much better when i get a new issue in the mail. My fifth thing is probably coffee (starbucks in perticular). i love coffe so much. and my list could go on for a million more posts but in short im obsessed with culture and life. I know that soundes stereotypical but its true. i find joy in little things like books and media.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello my name is ted and im starting this blog as basically a place to be free. im going to be posting about culture and fashion. youll find product reviews as well as other things ill show you. you can follow me on my journey and weil surely have fun:)