Saturday, April 9, 2011

ombre hair

ombre hair is what seems to be a new trend of basicaly hella long roots. It is pronounced ombray(im not sure where it gets its name) but ive loved this look for a wile so i decided to try it on my short boy hair instead of long girl hair lol ill put pictures soon. its a lot easier than it looks, i could never fathom paying more than maybe 60 dollars at best for this type of colour. its supposed to be messy and free so i think it supposed to be done at home with a few friends while watching gossip girl (or in my case at home alone watching 500 days of summer) i have so many memories of my best friends and hair colour that it makes colouring at the salon a tedious time constrasint. But back to the fun part my hair is slightly faded but after today it will look a million times better so stay tuned!

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