Monday, April 4, 2011


     so ive been thinking about things i would die with out and why they mean so much to me.
the first thing is my family. this is includeing my closest friends. Theyve helped me through so much and made me the person i am today. The second thing is my ipod. simply put music is my soul. i thrive because of the music i listen to. The third is my computer. Im always on my laptop looking for fun thiongs to blog about and reading peoples takes on the world. the fourth thing in this world that i need is NYLON magezine. Im addicted. My life is so much better when i get a new issue in the mail. My fifth thing is probably coffee (starbucks in perticular). i love coffe so much. and my list could go on for a million more posts but in short im obsessed with culture and life. I know that soundes stereotypical but its true. i find joy in little things like books and media.

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